Brother ZU2-B687

This sewing machine was manufactured by the Brother Sewing Machine  Company in the 1960’s. This model is all metal (except for 2 plastic camstack drive gears, the stitch length control end cap, … and the light switch knob).  Everything else is metal. It weighs 27 pounds, which is hefty by today’s standards. Is this an advantage? Well, the weight makes it solid as a rock on the table and makes it a smooth running machine. It features 25 stitch selections, including automatic button hole and straight stitch. It has a 1.2 amp motor, which is a beast compared to most modern machines. The feed dogs drop for free motion embroidery or quilting. It travels in a virtually indestructible case. It has a 2-tone paint job and stainless and chrome accents that give it both personality and style…  Every mechanism is designed for adjustments and serviceability.

This machine produces beautiful stitches…

While I don’t consider this to be an “all metal machine” due to the plastic camstack drive gears, it has proven reliable machine for its age and is one of my Wife’s favorites.

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