Singer Model 328K

A little history on the Singer Model 328K…

This 328K sewing machine has serial number EV007611 and was born on December 10, 1962 and shares her birthday with 9797 siblings. She is distinguished by it’s grey “hammered” paint.

The Singer model 328K aluminum body sewing machines were made in Kilbowie Scotland between 1960 and 1965. The 328K was known as the “Style-O-Matic”. It has the option of a wide range of fancy stitch patterns using interchangeable type “A” cam disks (fashion disks) accessed by a lift up portion of the top cover.

Mechanically, the 328K uses an internal belt driven motor. The oscillating horizontal hook drive is an all steel system with a vertical shaft and gears, plus a crank which transfers the drive to the horizontal hook. The machine is double needle capable with three tension discs and uses low shank feet.

The Singer model 328K is an all metal sewing machine with a reputation of being sturdy, reliable, versatile, and easy to use sewing machines. Except for the plastic pattern disks included with the machine, there is no plastic anywhere in this machines construction. Built with quality materials and tight manufacturing tolerances, these vintage machines are legendary for their build quality and are designed to last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.

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