Where To Begin? – An Introduction

First and foremost, I decided to share some of my experiences with vintage all metal sewing machines. It is a natural progression of my life experience exercising my hands and my mind. My background is a simple story… graduating High school, I wanted a trade. I landed an apprenticeship at the Naval Shipyard in welding. 5 years later after earning my nuclear welding certifications from the Department of the Navy, and working in many different environments, I decided to enroll in College and earn an Engineering degree. At the same time, I married a wonderful girl and started a new life. Graduating College with a degree in Structural Engineering, I began a 35 year career in the Federal Government. Along the way, we were blessed with 3 beautiful children. Earning a Masters degree in Engineering and registration as a Professional Engineer, I worked for the benefit of my family and my Country until my retirement a few years ago.

Always a tinker at heart, I found common ground in sewing machines. My Wife loves to sew, and I like tinkering with and restoring superbly engineered precision all metal vintage sewing machines. Perfect hobby in my retirement where I can spend my time doing things I enjoy, and my Wife can sew on a variety of fine sewing machines, and offer her advice and opinions.

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