Model 347 “Style-Mate”

Serial number EY136438… she was born in 1961 (I think) in Clydebank Scotland. I can’t tell you how many siblings she has, but I know it was a bunch.

I was unable to trace the serial number to get information on exactly when she was born. I could contact Singer… maybe I will. Anyway, this is a simple no-frills machine that does a straight stitch and a ziz-zag. It also has 3 needle positions. It is an all metal sewing machine (except for the top cover) and a pulley that runs a ribbed belt from the motor to the bobbin case. All of the components driven by the belt are metal. I’m willing to compromise here… at least no nylon gears or plasticky lever arms.

A little less refined compared to other Singers we own, but she delivers a nice stitch. She has a drop in class 66 bobbin and a 15×1 needle that threads front to back.

More to add… it’s a work in progress so check back later!

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