Kenmore Model 95 (117.959) Rotary

Made in 1948, this Kenmore rotary was made by Whites.

The balance wheel is driven directly by a hinged spring loaded motor via a friction wheel and turns clockwise (hence the saying that White is Singer spelled backwards)… opposite pretty much every other machine NOT manufactured by white. This machine features a side loading full rotary bobbin case. Also, this machine uses an old style presser foot that screws on via a two pronged attachment point on the presser bar. This type of presser foot was common in older machines before the development of the low shank foot. The sound of the machine is different from any other machine I have seen… it has a very distinctive “growl” that is typical of White and Kenmore machines of this vintage. The quality of this machine is every bit as good as a Singer, and I have read that in some respects it is better. One example is that the machine forward and reverse stitches can be different lengths. The machine is very sturdy, powerful, and produces a very nice stitch.

More to add… it’s a work in progress so check back later!

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