Singer Model 185K

For a little background on the model 185’s history, the model 185K was manufactured between 1958 and 1963 at Singer’s Kilbowie plant in Scotland. The model 185 replaced the venerable model 99 and shares it drive mechanism utilizing a smooth oscillating bobbin. It features a 3/4 full size cast iron body. The machine has an external motor and uses a belt to drive the all metal sewing mechanism. The machine uses a horizontal drop in bobbin and a smooth oscillating hook mechanism. Aside from the spool pin, there is no plastic anywhere in this machines construction.  A successor to the model 99, the 185k produces a very straight stitch. Built with quality materials and tight manufacturing tolerances, these vintage machines are legendary for their build quality and are designed to last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance.

This 185K sewing machine is distinguished by it’s 2-tone green color, spotlight lamp, and white rubber bobbin winder tire. The machine uses a class 66 bobbin and a 15×1 sewing needle. There is no mechanism to drop the feed dogs so a needle plate cover is required for free motion quilting or embroidery.

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