Model 158.12511

Affectionately named the “mini Kenny”, it really is a nice machine. I can’t find the manufacture date on line, but it too is an all metal machine built by Maruzen. With the exception of the removable bed plate, plastic knobs, and internal plastic cams. all of the drive works are steel, including the front loading bobbin oscillating hook gear. The machine offers 10 built in stitches (11 if you count straight stitch) and has a setting to skew the stitch slanting left or right… if you ever needed to do that. It features a removal bed for free arm sewing, has a powerful 1.0 amp motor, and drop feed dogs. It is a quiet running machine that produces a very nice stitch.

When we got him,one of the 2 bed plate dowels had been broken and ill repaired. I fabricated a dowel pin with the right dimensions, but as you can see, the bed does not fit flush with the bed plate… oh well, it doesn’t interfere with sewing so it lives with this defect.

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