Model 758 “Touch-and-Sew”

Don’t have a picture of this machine yet… The serial number (it begins with the prefix “BB” and can’t find info on date of manufacture (I think 1978). It is a fancy looking machine though!

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this machine because it does not have metal where metal counts… but it is a vintage machine and there is about as many people that like them as there are that hate them. . Ours had nylon gears, a wind in place bobbin, and smooth rubberized feed dogs. The gears disintegrated the first time I ran the machine, the rubber peeled off of the feed dogs, and the bobbin winding produced loosely wound bobbins.

I did find some discussion on the history of the Touch-and-Sew and this link will take you there…

This machine belonged to my beloved Aunt Ginny, and I keep it for her. I replaced all of the worn and damaged parts, adjusted and cleaned everything, and it does sew… Love you Aunt Ginny!

More to add… it’s a work in progress so check back later!

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