The “Perfect” Work Surface for a Vintage Sewing Machine

Vintage sewing machines are heavy. When working on a sewing machine, you will turn it front to back and side to side. You will pull it closer and push it farther away. Even placed on a towel, this can mar and scratch the surface of whatever you set it on to do the work (kitchen table? not in my house and probably not yours). Even machines in cases have the potential to do this. Maybe you have a dedicated work bench in your shop or garage but its too hot or cold… any way, why should you have to do this type of stuff outside the comfort of your own living room? I have the perfect solution for this:

Get an inexpensive swivel seat bar stool. The swivel mechanism will let you turn the machine easily without moving it, they are just the right height, they will easily handle the weight of a 40 pound sewing machine, and they can be easily moved from room to room (or in my case…chair to chair).

Simply remove the fabric and the foam from the swivel seat and screw on a piece of plywood big enough to comfortably set the machine on in the center of the stool so it won’t tip over. Cut off the square ends at a 45 degree angle so it rotates without snagging your shirt when you turn it and viola! Now can work on your machine while sitting in your favorite chair and turn the machine easily while you work on it.

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