Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i is a very popular machine. It gets generally good reviews and people prefer them over other similar machines in its class. So, I won’t try to discourage folks from choosing this machine as long as they understand its limitations. In fact, I used this plastic machine for my comparison to any all metal vintage sewing machine by Singer, Kenmore, New Home, Brother, etc. So heres what I think. The machine is light and portable. It has an array of 69 stitches and a few other features that are useful. It’s control relies on printed circuit boards and will die as its planned obsolescence design requires it to do. FYI… it weighs in at 10 1/2 pounds, a singer model 99 weighs 28 pounds. How much metal is in 10 1/2 pounds? Well, don’t drop it! (I mean its so light so you won’t drop it… I think)

As of the moment it is sewing fine and will easily handle materials of medium weight. I would not consider it for heavy fabrics or sustained operation.

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