Singer Model 99

Serial Number AE863504 born on January 19, 1938. She shares her birthday with 50,000 siblings.

She’s a 99K with serial number EH956892 born on May 20, 1953. She shares her birthday with 16,000 siblings.

Some history on the Model 99:

For a little background on the model 99’s history, my research reveals that it was first introduced in 1921 (one source lists the year 1911 for 99k’s produced in Singer’s Kilbowie Scotland factory) and was produced until 1958 when it was replaced with the model 185. The model 99 is a 3/4 sized version of the well regarded full size model 66 which was known for its smooth oscillating hook, horizontal drop in bobbin, and near perfect straight stitch.  The machine has an external motor and a belt driven all steel sewing mechanism. There is no mechanism to drop the feed dogs so a needle plate cover is required for free motion quilting or embroidery.

At its smaller weight and size, the model 99 was one of the first sewing machines advertised to be totally “portable”. It included a bolted on electric light so that the work was easier to see, and was intended to be housed in a case as opposed to mounting in a cabinet.  Singer hit a home run with the model 99 and it excels as a portable sewing machine. A testament to the popularity of this model, it is said that many women became so fond of their 99’s that they named them!

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