Kenmore 158.17550

Recently acquired… need to do some more research but this Kenmore was manufactured in 1970-1971. It is an all metal sewing machine that has a side loading class 15 bobbin and an oscillating hook. The machine has 4 built in stitches… straight, ziz-zag, blind hem, and reinforced ziz-zag, It has a front loading bobbin and oscillating hook. A nice (and novel) feature is a needle plate insert that, depending on how it is inserted, is a ziz-zag needle plate on one end or straight stitch needle plate on the other end, without changing the needle plate itself. The machine accepts pattern cams for other decorative and primary stitches. With a 1.2 amp motor and double belt reduction drive mechanism, it is a powerful piercing machine… most Kenmore’s are! Don’t underestimate the vintage Kenmore brand, They were produced by White sewing machine company until 1958. This machine was mad by Maruzen (later renamed Jaguar) and is a high quality machine.

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